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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Blue Mountains

Did you know that a bathroom exhaust fan installation can save you money in the future? The water molecules that are floating in the air, after you take a shower, need to be removed.

Letting them float around the bathroom can lead to wall and paint damage. Without proper ventilation, mould and mildew can grow and multiply which can be costly to your health.

Best 24 hour Rapid response electrician in the Blue Mountains and Penrith NSW

Benefits of A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation in The Blue Mountains

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most humid rooms in your home. They are also prone to odours. By installing a bathroom exhaust fan you will be helping to combat these common issues.

Benefits of a bathroom exhaust fan include:

Removes humidity

Moisture needs to be eliminated from your bathroom. Any water molecules floating in the air can lead to structural damage and mould growth. It can also damage paint and wallpaper.

Removes heat

Hot air rises and an exhaust fan can remove it. During the summer months, the fan is able to provide continuous airflow. During the winter months, it can prevent steam build up.

Stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up

A foggy mirror can be an inconvenience when you are trying to comb your hair, shave or put on makeup. Prevent fogging by running the exhaust fan during your shower.

Eliminates embarrassing odours

Bathroom fan installation can remove the unpleasant odours often associated with the bathroom.

Decrease airborne contaminants

Bathrooms might be the place that you get clean, but they can be full of airborne contaminants. Cleaning products and mould spores pollute the air and can aggravate allergy symptoms. A Bathroom exhaust fan installation can help to improve air quality in your Blue Mountains home.

Best 24 hour Rapid response electrician in the Blue Mountains and Penrith NSW

Choosing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

When choosing a bathroom fan, many factors come into play. These factors are:

  • Bathroom size – Make sure that the fan that you buy is suitable for the size of your bathroom. 
  • Area of installation – Bathroom exhaust fan installation usually happens in the ceiling. However, some models are for wall installation.
  • Noise – Bathroom fans can be noisy and distracting. Often times, when you are taking a nice hot shower you are trying to relax. A loud fan can make this impossible. When choosing a fan take into consideration the noise level rating.
  • Efficiency – Bathroom exhaust fans are more efficient than ever. Choose an Energy Star model to help ensure the use of less energy.
  • Special features – Some bathroom exhaust fans come with special features. These features can include lighting, heaters, humidity sensors, motion detectors and special controls.

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